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SmartHeart Adult Chicken and Liver Chunk in Gravy 80g (Pack of 12)

Boost Up Body Power: SmartHeart Adult Wet Dog Food is a great energy booster. It contains balanced levels of carbohydrates, protein and fat to boost performance and conserve muscle mass. It is highly digestible which promotes a faster metabolism.

Provides High Energy: SmartHeart Adult Wet Dog Food is a good source of protein for building strength and energy to dogs of all breeds.

Strong Bones & Teeth: SmartHeart Adult Wet Dog Food has high calcium and phosphorus content which are extremely necessary for strong bones and teeth.

High Moisture: SmartHeart Adult Wet Dog Food has a moisture content of 85% that keeps your dogs well hydrated.

Complete & Well-Balanced Nutrition: SmartHeart Adult Wet Dog Food contains vital Omega fatty acids and vitamins which helps maintain the dog's lean muscle mass, healthy skin, shiny coat and stronger immune system.

Product Description

SmartHeart Adult Chicken and Liver Chunk in Gravy Wet Dog Food is tailored to meet all the nutritional requirements of your dog. Feeding your dog with high-quality wet food keeps them hydrated and prevents urinary tract problems. Wet foods also assist in higher nutrient absorption. This is a meal that suits grown-up dogs of all breeds. This food has a moisture content of 85% that promotes excellent urinary health in the dogs. It is also rich in protein for maintaining strength and endurance. A decent amount of fat has been added in the diet to keep your four-legged friends active and energetic. These fats also play a vital role in invigorating skin health. Smart heart Pouch Dog Food Chicken and Liver Chunk also consist of important vitamins that build a strong immune system in the dogs. It can be mixed with any meal SmartHeart dry food or home-cooked food to enhance taste and improve moisture-content. The tempting aroma and flavor are also effective in attracting fussy eaters into eating their meals. SmartHeart Adult Chicken and Liver Chunk in Gravy Wet Dog Food also gives your dog important Omega fatty acids that invigorate its skin and hair health. Minerals like Phosphorus and Calcium fosters strong bones and joints in the dogs that keep them active. Chicken and Liver chunks, present as the main ingredient tremendously boosts the palatability of this food. SmartHeart Adult Chicken and Liver Chunk in Gravy Wet Dog Food also consists of organic fibers that curb overeating as well as improving the digestive function of the dogs. It overall promotes healthy body functions.


Crude Protein min 8%

Crude Fat min 3%

Crude Fiber min 1%

Moisture min 85%


SmartHeart is a worldwide leading pet food company that was established to serve the needs of the pet care industry. SmartHeart ensures the best practices & product excellence in each of its products. SmartHeart develops high quality products for companion animals. Their facility is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and kennels housing various representations of pet species and popular breeds. SmartHeart ensures that only the best quality ingredients are used in each product.


Chicken, Chicken Entrails, Vegetable Proteins, Modified Starch, Gelling Agent, Vitamins and Minerals, Flavor, Water


Feeding requirements will vary based on your dog’s level of activity, environment and age. Check the feeding chart on the back of the food packaging. Individual needs can vary, so consult your veterinarian regarding special dietary needs. Clean drinking water should always be available for your pooch.