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Immune system support : Growth is an essential stage in your dog’s life: it is the time of big changes, discoveries and new encounters. During this key period, the puppy’s immune system develops gradually. Mini Puppy helps support your puppy’s natural defences thanks particularly to a patented* complex of antioxidants including vitamin E. *France, patent no EP1146870.

Intense energy content : Meets the energy needs of small breed puppies during the growth period, and satisfies fussy appetites.

Digestive health : Combination of nutrients with high quality protein (L.I.P.*) and prebiotics (FOS) to support digestive health and balance of intestinal flora, which contributes to good stool quality. *Protein selected for its very high digestibility.

Feeding Guideline

AGE (MONTHS)ADULT WEIGHT = 2 KGADULT WEIGHT = 6 KGADULT WEIGHT = 10 KG2 m49 g (4/8 cups)103 g (1+1/8 cups)146 g (1+5/8 cups)3 m54 g (5/8 cups)119 g (1+2/8 cups)172 g (1+7/8 cups)4 m55 g (5/8 cups)125 g (1+3/8 cups)182 g (2 cups)5 m55 g (5/8 cups)126 g (1+3/8 cups)185 g (2 cups)6 m48 g (4/8 cups)125 g (1+3/8 cups)184 g (2 cups)7 m40 g (4/8 cups)113 g (1+2/8 cups)167 g (1+7/8 cups)8 m39 g (3/8 cups)101 g (1+1/8 cups)149 g (1+5/8 cups)9 m39 g (3/8 cups)90 g (1 cups)133 g (1+4/8 cups)10 m39 g (3/8 cups)89 g (1 cups)132 g (1+4/8 cups)11 mTransition to Mini AdultTransition to Mini Adult131 g (1+3/8 cups)