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Gnawlers Dog Treats - Calcium Milky Sticks – All Breeds – 270GM

Complementary Food: This product is intended for complementary food for Dogs only. You pet will definitely love these treats, you can also play with them while feeding. 

Best Suitable for: Best suitable for dogs of breeds like Pugs, Beagle, Labrador, Golden Retriever, German shepherd, Great Dane, Boxer, Rottweiler & Cocker Spaniel etc. 

Maintains Healthier Track: This treat is rich in fibers and helps maintain healthier intertinal tract. This treats increases the immunity level of your dog. 

Easy to Chew: Unique Hollow Shapes And Spaces Allow Teeth To Grip And Chew More Easily While Providing A Long Lasting Chew.

Superior Dental Health: Digest More is a Tasty and Premium Line of Dental Treat That Provides Both Superior Guts Health and Total Body Wellness. 

Product Description

Gnawlers Calcium Stick Dog Treat is made of high quality and finest ingredients which makes this a premium quality chew treat with a delicious real milk flavor. Its twisted shape which improves the ability to clean teeth while chewing and also freshening dog’s breath. Your lovable pet will love these Chew Stick because of its best taste. This is a healthy snack, Use as a supplement to feed that meets your dog’s daily requirements. Not for human consumption. Remember to feed the dog under your guidance and guarantee that the dog should always have access to plenty of fresh water. It also presents a healthy way in which the puppy may engage its urge to chew. Easy on the digestive system, this helps to provide general well being to the puppy through its nutritional composition. This is Ideal Dog Treat For All Age of Dogs & All Breeds. 

Based out of Richmond, Virginia, Gnawlers is a family-owned business starting in 2013. Starting at local shows and flea markets, They sincerely are in touch with not just the cravings of hungry dogs, but your desire for safe and healthy treats and chew. They strive to provide the highest quality products and a customer service to match. Going above and beyond for their customers is important to them because the dogs in their lives deserve it.