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JerHigh Stix Dog Treat With Real Chicken Meat (100 g)

Delicious Flavour: JerHigh Stix Dog Treat is made from delicious chicken meat. It is rich in Vitamin E & A, L-Carnitine & Inulin.

Protein Rich Snack: JerHigh Stix Dog Treat is made from real chicken meat to provide high protein content which promotes a healthier and shinier coat. 

Ideal Reward: JerHigh Stix Dog Treat is a perfect reward for enforcing good behaviour in your furry friends. These tasty treats for dogs encourage them to stay active and playful.

Highly Digestible Snack: JerHigh Stix Dog Treat is meticulously prepared from real chicken meat and contains protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fibre which keeps the digestive system healthy. The nutrients strengthen muscles and improve the functioning of the brain as well.

Good Oral Hygiene: JerHigh Stix are ideal for your dog's teething period and also help reduce the risk of dental problems. It clears away tartar and promotes healthy teeth and gums.

Suitability: JerHigh Stix Dog Treat is made with a special formula that is suitable for all dog breeds over the age of two months.

Product Description

Your dog will fall in love with the taste of the JerHigh Stix. Give your dog the best nutrition with these delectable snacks which are suitable for all dog breeds over the age of two months. JerHigh Stix is a tasty treat packed with the nutritional goodness of essential vitamins and minerals and made with good quality protein-rich chicken. JerHigh Stix Dog Treat is meticulously prepared to provide a pure, tasty and easily digestible snack filled with nutritional benefits for your dog’s health. It is enriched with Vitamin A to support healthy vision, L-Carnitine which helps in burning their body weight, improves muscles strength and helps in managing your dog's weight. It also contains Inulin which helps in regulating the digestive system and helps in absorbing nutrients properly. JerHigh Dog Treats are an excellent way to keep your canine companion healthy and playful. Continue to reward your pet during training to help reinforce good behaviour. JerHigh Stix is made with balanced nutrients and provides a variety of health benefits for your pet's well-being. These treats are in the shape of sticks, making them simple to feed and carry while still being easy and enjoyable for your dog to eat. It is ideal for feeding as a snack, rewarding good behaviour, and showing your pet love with some indulgent pampering!

To ensure freshness, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, or refrigerate for up to one month after opening.


Crude Protein (Min.): 24%

Crude Fat (Min.): 15%

Crude Fiber (Max.): 1%

Moisture (Max.): 20%


JerHigh is an international dog food brand that produces quality treats for all your adult dogs and puppy. This Thailand based brand uses premium quality ingredients to produce a variety of different flavor treats for your canine friends. The product quality is duly reflected in the certifications Jerhigh has achieved. Jerhigh dog treats are internationally marketed and comes in various mouth-watering flavours.

JerHigh manufactures its products by following the same standards as are followed in the production of goods meant for human consumption. Also, only premium quality real chicken and meat are used in the production of the delectable healthy and digestible dog treats, so you can rest assured that your beloved dogs will receive real protein made from real meat and fresh ingredients. These snacks are produced with hygienic, high quality and innovative food processing of the same high standard for human consumption.


Chicken Meat, water, glycerin, meat flavour (hydrolyzed soy protien, natural yeast extract,lactic acid,sugar,water), sodium tripolyphosphate, salt, smoke flavour, alpha tocopherol, sodium erythorbate, allura red (color)


Feed these delectable treats as a reward or training treat for your dog. These treats should not be fed as a meal to your pooch. All pets should have access to fresh drinking water at all times.

Recommended Feeding Guide:

- Small Dogs (1 to 5 Kgs): 1 - 2 Treats per day

- Medium Dogs (5 to 10 Kgs): 2 - 3 Treats per day

- Large Dogs (10 to 25 Kgs): 3 - 5 Treats per day